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• The Orchard: On the banks of the river Segura there is an area of about 85 hectares of fertile land where vegetables such as artichokes, potatoes and broccolli grow, watered by the ancient wáter system designed by the Mores that settled in the region centuries ago. The water that irrigates these fields is moved by a recently renovated water wheel on the outskirts of the town.

• The Water Wheel: The Benijofar Water Wheel dates back to 17th century and is a symbol of the local agriculture. The water wheel forms part of a group of historic structures of which the flour mil of Formentera also forms part. The original water wheel was substituted by an iron version in the 19th century with a 7.7m diameter wheel which can move around 80 litres per second.

• The Green Trek: There is an enchanting yet easy trekking route that starts in the area called “Path of the Rafaels” that has a distance of 4.5 km which runs along the Banks of the River Segura and passes through the recreational area “El Secano” and which ends in the central town square of the Constitution. This green trek takes you past the water wheel and the luscious traditional orchards and fields of the town.

• El Secano: This recreational area is the perfect place to relax within the confines of nature. It has a great picnic area, just the right place to spend those long summer afternoons. This area has tables and benches as well as BBQ for public use.

• The Church of Santiago Apóstol (St. James): This is probably the most characteristic building of the town and is considered the most important remnant of the history and cultura of the town of Benijofar. Although the construction of the church was relatively recent it conserves in its interior many, much older pieces dating back to the 17th and 18th century as well as pieces from the Barroque period. The church receives the name of the patron of Benijofar, Saint James.

• Cañada Marsá: This is the largest green park area of the town which runs along the stretch that separates Benijofar from the newer area of Benimar, Rojales and Ciudad Quesada. It has an area of 125.000m2 full indigenous plants and flowers with many recreational areas for walking and playing sports. In the lower part of the park, there is a large artificial lake with geese and ducks which sits next to the comercial ara of Benimar, an area where many of the expats enjoy their day to day.

• Plaza de la Constitución (Town Square): The current square has a very modern and minimalist decore which contrasts with the rest of the more traditional town.

• Park April the 3rd: A much smaller park, at the southern end of the town with plants and garden areas as well as Bio-healthy excercise apparatus so people can make use of them and keep in shape.

• Celebration Square: Located next to the “Casa de la Cultura” (Social Centre) where the tradional “Patatá” celebration is held every year.

• Inmaculada Concepción Plaza: This square is made up of flower beds and park benches. A perfect place to enjoy a good read in the shade of the trees of this square.

• Park of Joaquín Sánchez García: A small but pretty children’s park within the Cañada Marsá.

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