Traditions & Fiestas

The most important fiestas of Benijofar occur during the Easter period and begin with the blessing of the Palms on Palm Sunday. Many are the processions during this Easter period that march through the main high street of Benijofar. These processions end on the day of St. Vincent Ferrer and the Burial of the Anchovy (Boqueron) where it is bid farewell but the Spring is officially welcomed.

At Christmas, the most important event is the procession of the Kings that is especially important for the children of the town as this is the eve that they receive their presents, but this event is also enjoyed by adults.

The fiestas for the patron of Benijofar are held on the 25th of July (Día del Santiago Apóstol) and which begin with the crowing of the Queens of the Fiestas and followed by festivities, processions and floral offerings.

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