Medhouses: Commitment to the environment

Medhouses has a solid commitment to the environment in all aspects of design and construction of it's homes. Starting with sustainable materials, using only certified materials with the lowest carbon footprint possible. We also endevour to use local suppliers, making sure that we both favour our surroundings as well as local businesses as well as the gradual reduction of all types of plastics.

Natural clay bricks, sustainably produced timber, ceramic tiles make up the back bone of Medhouses villas and homes and all are produced in the most environment friendly way possible. Our landscaped gardens are designed with artificial grass and plants that are used to arid surroundings with very little water consumption carried out by a droplet irrigation system, programmed to use just enough water to keep our gardens lush and vibrant all year long.

Energy saving systems, such as solar panels, LED lighting, aerothermia boilers, air recycling systems, all form part of the installations of our constructions as we strive to meet with the requirement of an environment wary society that demands measures such as these.

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