The best beaches of the Costa Blanca

Guardamar Beaches

The main characteristic of Guardamar's beaches is that they are embraced, a big part of them, by an enormous forest formed by pines and palms (800 hectares).

Els Tossals beach located to the north. Isolated and separated from the rest by the river Segura. To the south of the Segura we find the other 7, which form the rest of the coastline of the village. In Guardamar you can enjoy each of these beaches, with 4 blue flags and in a privileged environment.

Els Vivers Beach is the only  naturist beach and the quietest of all. The fact of being isolated makes it unique. With an extension of about 490 meters, is accessible by car from the road N-332. It is so called because it is very close to several tree nurseries (Vivers) in the area. It holds a great ammount of vegetation and a blue flag. Next to the sport port of Guardamar.  Perfect for practicing sports in the Nautical Club. It can be reached on foot or by bicycle through the pine forest.

Babilonia Beach

The most important thing about this beach are the small fishermen's houses, built next to the sand and a few meters from the water.  Very easy access for anyone and with lounger service.

Centre Beach

It is the closest to the city centre and also has a blue flag.  It can be reached on foot or by car, through the promenade, where we find several bars, restaurants, ice cream parlours and shops.

La Roqueta Beach

Slightly further from the city centre but ideal to enjoy without getting too far away. Beautiful beach with clear waters with easy access by car or on foot, adapted for people with reduced mobility. With several shops and bars nearby.

Montcayo Beach

A beach of enormous quality and cleanliness, not very crowded with the dunes at its back. It covers about 2 km of fine sand and dunes that intermingle. It also has easy access both on foot and by car.

El Camp Beach

Approximately 2km of fine sand and warm waters, away from any urbanization or construction. Ideal for walking and away from the hustle.  We recommend getting there by car.

Les Ortigues Beach

Probably the quietest beach in Guardamar, easily accessible on foot ideal for long walks. Very close to the next town called La Mata and its Natural Park. 

El Campello Beaches

L'Amerador Beach

800m of cove pebble beach and clear waters. Definitely one of the best and quietest beaches of the town as it is in within one of the most exclusive areas of the province. With this name because, in the past, the esparto grass (very common plant here) collected from the nearby mountain ranges was harvested here.


With a blue flag, it offers all the facilities and services visitors may need. The ideal beach to enjoy a perfect sunny day. Probably the best known beach of the town and the busiest.

Central beach of the locality that holds the vast majority of the touristic visits. Almost 2km of sand and about 30 meters wide, is what this extensive beach of golden sand. Ideal for families and small children as its shore has a long stretch of shallow area where they can play without any risk. It also has a stretch of beach with an accessible point for people with reduced mobility and has been awarded with the blue flag.

Next to the beach we find the promenade of Campello that has more than 1 kilometer. It is full of restaurants, bars, ice-cream parlours, shops, etc..

In summer, the services on the beach are extended and playful activities are offered, children's entertainment, hammocks and umbrellas, etc...

Platja del Trajo

Named after the name of the seafaring district where it is located, it is adorned with the monument to the fisherman from 1991, which represents the union of the sailors with the sea.

Can Punta del Riu Beach

At the mouth of the Rio Seco, just at the end of the promenade, we find this beautiful beach. It is an "animal-friendly" area all year round and also has a dog park within walking distance.

Can Barranc d’Aigües Beach

Just at the end of Barranc d'Aigües beach, we find this small beach with access from Lloma de Reixes, next to the mouth of the River Aigües.  The ideal place to enjoy the beach with your pet.

Illeta dels Banyets

This is the area surrounding the archaeological site of Illeta dels Banyets. It is a small platform formed by rock on the sea and that, artificially, joined to land. It is a perfect place to practice snorkel.

La Bassa de la Reina

Right next to the Illeta dels Banyets, where you can enjoy crystalline waters, where time ago there was an old Roman fish farm.

Almadrava Beach

This is a small beach of about 600 meters located in urban area.  The place is reached through a beautiful promenade that borders the coast.

Llop Marí cove

Beautiful and small cove formed by coarse sand. The rich fauna, geology and flora forming it, makes it an ideal place for diving.

La Cova del Llop Marí

This is an old quarry used by the Romans, with a beautiful legend of pirates and treasures. It offers a beautiful diving route

Cala Nostra

La Cala Nostra in Spanish Nuestra Cala, with coarse sand and stones very prívate and not very visited.

Cala del Morro Blanc

Also known locally by the name of Coveta Fumá, it is a cove with ideal conditions to spend a pleasant day with the family. With little depth and fine sand, the cove offers a transparent water ideal for diving.

Denmig cove

Surrounded by cliffs on both sides, it has an incredible tranquility and offers all imaginable intimacy. With relatively easy access by car it is located in a very undeveloped and natural area which gives it a great advantage.

Cala Piteres

Just next to the Cala del Morro Blanc, is another cove with calm and crystal clear waters, perfect for diving and different water sports.

Barranc D'Aigües Beach

Beach of rock and stone, not busy and offers a fantastic picture of the Costa Blanca.  It is a natural beach embraced by a cliff that gives it a unique touch.

Next to it we find the beach for pets: El Barranc d'Aigues.

Les Llomes de Reixes Beach

Beach that offers a beautiful and unique landscape, located next to the Watchtower of Reixes, is a great place to spend time fishing, diving or just relaxing. It offers a well-known route for diving

Baeza Cove

Formerly known as "La Merced", it has a beautiful fishing port that gives it a traditional touch.

Cala Lanuza

Great cove for children due to its calm waters and fine golden sand.

Les Palmeretes cove

It is known for the palm trees that you can find just before accessing it. It is perfect for enjoying a pleasant bath in its clear waters and its sandy beach and gravel. Little traveled which offers a very intimate and good atmosphere.

Carritxal Cove

Bordering with its neighbour Villajoyosa, this cove has a high environmental and landscape value due to the nature we find in it.

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