Unique designs for people like you

Medhouses has always thought long and hard at what a family would want a home to be like. There are many alternatives and decisions to be made so it is not always easy to come up with the best answer as there limitatons to every design. That is why our team of architects, engineers and designers help us work out the very best options of home layout and finishes. Our staff visit the annual building and interior design events around the world, searching for the optimum materials for every corner of our unique villas, villas, which in many cases are one off models, never to be built in the same shape or form again. This is something that most builders cannot offer as quantity is many times prioritized over quality. 

The uniqueness of our designs distances our villas from the "boxes" that many properties in Spain have become known as. We add different Mediterranean elements to our homes, elements and details that only master craftsmen are able to add. Yes, this is an added cost but the end result guarantees a singular design for years to come but that will always stand out for it's beauty and timelessness, not because it was fashionable.

The list of optional extras is endless and all of our villas can be modified to your tastes and requirements.

Isn't it time you really did have your dream home in Spain?

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