Homes with optimal ventilation

With the on going Covid crisis it has been found that stale stagnant air flow could be a factor which helps spread the virus. The idea of having free flowing air in a house receives a higher grading on the energy certification of a property and it is one of the more practical design modifications that can be done to a property. At Medhouses we saw this as an opportunity and now see it has become relevant due to the current situation. Stagnant air is a breathing ground for germs and poor ventilation is what provokes this scenario in many properties. Our properties have always taken advantage of a simple design approach on the subject of ventilation that is why our homes enjoy cross ventilation, helping the free flow of clean air to pass through the rooms all day long with strategic positioning of doors and windows. 

An air interchanger is also installed in all our properties, so, even when using the air conditioning system with the windows closed, clean air is guaranteed to be flowing through the house as a result of this system. 

So when you are looking for a new property, take into consideration one more aspect: Ventilation.

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